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Pennine Gas offer CO2, Argon CO2 mix and Argon for your welding requirements. Please contact us for more details.

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We have a range of gasses for welding purposes. The choice of welding gas makes a difference to the ease of weld and gives different appearances depending on which gas is used. We offer 3 different types of gas – CO2, CO2 Argon mix and Argon.


CO2 can be used with a MIG welder if you are less concerned about a steady arc and increased splatter.

CO2 / Argon Mix

CO2 / Argon mix gas gives an easier and neater weld, with an unrestricted choice of gas. This has a highly stable and controlable arc, resulting in neat, high quality welds.

Pure Argon

Pure Argon is for use with aluminium welding rather than steel. This arc is less even than with CO2/Argon mix, but allows for the welding of aluminium.

At Pennine Gas, we are happy to help with getting you the right gas for your needs. Get in contact with us to get a quote. We offer delivery options to suit your needs, and with low cost cylinder rental, you can ensure your welding projects are excellent value for money.