Calor Gas - Cylinder Trolley

Calor introduce a new “appliance” to their portfolio in the shape of a cylinder trailer/trolley.

Although it’s not technically an appliance it does help in the transportation of gas in a safe and effective way, and so fits in nicely with our business.

Calor Gas Cylinder Trolley

There are 3 types of cylinder trailers available:

  • 2 cylinder rear loading
  • 4 cylinder rear loading
  • 4 cylinder side loading

They can carry a 18kg, 19kg and 47kg cylinder.

The obvious market for these is the holiday parks and leisure industry. This is a neat way to transport cylinders around with the key USP being that they protect against injury. In other words, you don’t have to lug cylinders around and risk getting back injuries and ultimately downtime and cost if absence occurs.

The idea is that you attach it to the back of a pickup truck or a quad bike so you can move cylinders around and then when not in use can be easily stored away. These are for “off road” use only.

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