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Refridgeration gas

Pennine Gas provides stable nitrogen refrigerant gasses for refrigeration testing purposes. Used for detection of leaks in refridgeration systems

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This gas is essential for the F-Gas legislation, which requires the prevention of leakage of fluorinated gasses when a leak is detected as soon as possible. Once detected and repaired it must be checked within 1 month to ensure it has been effective. Pennine Gas can supply the refrigeration gas bottles to help the service engineer in the leak detection and pressurised testing of refrigeration systems.

Our Nitrogen

The most commonly used gas for pressure testing ready for charge is nitrogen. This stable oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) is can be used in servicing refrigeration devices following the device recovery. Nitrogen gas is inert and non-flammable, meaning the gas is safe and easy to use. Our leak detection cylinders are designed to be suitable for testing the leaks of any size and system.

Our nitrogen gas is cost effective – by lowering the loss of gas from the system, the detection of leaks will be improved, therefore making less callouts.

We have a wide variety of gas cylinder sizes to choose from. And with low price gas cylinder rental you can rest assured that your refrigeration testing will be highly cost effective. For more information please get in contact with us.