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Aquarium Gas

At Pennine Gas, we have gas for aquariums. Make your aquarium thrive by adding CO2 gas into your aquarium to maintain healthy plant growth.

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Using CO2 in aquariums with plants ensures a good supply of food for photosynthesis, giving healthy plant growth, and an overall healthy aquarium.

The use of this CO2 in a planted aquarium gives an improvement in the health and growth of your plants, and also giving a perfect pH and kH in the whole aquarium. As organisms grow in aquariums, CO2 is used to remove calcium and alkalinity from the water. Corals, algae, mollusks, snails and other invertebrates need calcium and a low pH to survive. Adding CO2 provides this perfect environment for your aquarium to thrive.

This CO2 gas is held in liquid state by the pressure of the gas in cylinders ready for use.

Pennine Gas has a range of CO2 cylinders for use with calcium reactors for saltwater aquariums, and freshwater plant aquariums. Our low cost gas cylinder rental ensures you receive value for money.