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Buy CO2 / Mixed Gas for Beer

Pennine Gas offer a complete range of dispense gases to the licence trade. We offer our products to public houses and wholesalers throughout the UK.

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Our gas is perfect for dispensing beers and soft drinks, and is available in a wide range of gas cylinder sizes to suit your application and requirements. Our beer gas and drinks dispense gas products can help to ensure that your beers and soft drinks have perfect taste and quality, giving overall customer satisfaction and a premium product appearance.

These products will give your beer:

  • A long lasting, quality creamier head
  • Faster beer dispensing
  • Extended draught beer life

This gas is the key to giving your products the flavour and characteristics they deserve.

Pennine Gas offer a 24 hour, 7 day service with regular calls to your premesis to ensure that you always have gas when you need it. We offer low cylinder rental, and no hidden extra charges.